Pro bono – investing in your company and the society

We are witnessing a paradigm shift towards a value-based workplace. Professionals and executives are increasingly looking for ways to use their professional skills in way meaningful to our society. At the same time, multidisciplinary competencies like self-reflection, empathy and capacity for team work become more and more important.

Proboneo engages both demands and enables professionals and executives to use their professional skills to support social change in our society and strengthening their social skills at the same time. We support companies in their strategic planning and effective implementation of pro bono programs.

Our approach

In collaboration with companies we develop strategies on how to promote the most important resource via pro bono: your employees. Considering the higher-level business objectives, our support is guaranteed through every phase of your employee engagement. We guide you from the strategic conception of a pro bono pilot project to the development and scaling of existing engagement programs. We offer long-term expertise in searching and selection of suitable organizations and take care of a successful progress of your pro bono program based on field-tested quality standards. Successful pro bono will inspire your employees and social partners equally.