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The Social Excellence Methodology

Social Excellence provides an integrated methodology, a common language to achieve impact and a culture of continuous improvement for social organizations.

The approach

The Proboneo Social Excellence program is based on internationally acclaimed Six Sigma, Lean Sigma and Total Quality Management principles. In developing Social Excellence, Proboneo has adapted these proven methods to meet the unique needs of social organizations.

The approach is based on:

  • listening to customer needs
  • analyzing existing processes and
  • improving them to realize optimal customer satisfaction.

The most suitable Social Excellence projects are those involving a repetitive process that is not working as well as it should and which is making customers unhappy. Therefor Social Excellence works with well known social organizations with a proven model of service to ensure implementation.

All teams will be accompanied by a Social Excellence experienced coach who provides methodological know-how,  as well as guidance for process and personal development.

The four stages

Each Social Excellence team will follow the 4 stages to facilitate process improvement:

Project Scope

Participants become proficient in hands-on process analysis, they learn how to properly scope a project and identify customer requirements.

Understand the Current Situation

Utilizing all 4 phases of the Social Excellence wheel, the team creates a visual map of the current process (the “As Is”) and uncovers opportunities for improvements in effectiveness (customer satisfaction) and efficiency (cost).

Analysis & Solution Generation

The team gathers information on the existing process and, with customer requirements as the focal point, they design an improved version of the process (the “Should Be”) that will meet the customer requirements in a cost-effective way.

Project Planning & Control

The workshop ends with a presentation by the team to the Project Executive Sponsor.  The team takes the Sponsor through the analysis and their findings and they present their recommendations.