Use Social Excellence for your social organisation

Working for social impact is often hard. Tight budgets, limited ressources, big dreams. Pro bono projects can be a fruitful alternative to traditional fundraising: Make use of expert knowledge!

Program description

Social Excellence is the pro bono program for leaders. It will bring you one intensive week of process consulting based on the Social Excellence Methodology.

Social Excellence brings corporate employees together with established social organizations to address specific organizational and operational challenges. This helps social organizations improve their business operations and increase social impact.

Features of the Social Excellence program:

  • Designed to tackle ‘burning’ operational process based issues faced by social organizations
  • Consists of an intensive 5-day hands-on workshop where corporate participants work on-site with the social organzation
  • Utilizes business tools from Social Excellence Methodology (an operations and process improvement methodology based on Six Sigma) that you can apply to your organization and different processes even after the project is finished
  • Solutions are co-developed by both corporate participants and the social organization‘ team
  • To help build awareness and an understanding of social engagement, the corporate participants will engage in a 2 day training before the 5-day on-site workshop

Examples of past projects conducted with social organizations:

  • Developed an expansion strategy for an organization ready to scale
  • Reviewed the partnership acquisition and retention process to improve sales and internal operations
  • Developed an e-filing and process documentation system for internal operations
  • Developed a structured internal communication plan to help transition from a small to a large organization and to improve team productivity and coordination
  • Constructed an operating blueprint to help coordinate with local grassroots organizations internationally

Is Social Excellence suitable for your organization?

Social Excellence requires commitment and support from key members of the social enterprise team in preparation, assessment and execution of the assigned project. The program will require employees within the social enterprise to participate in a set number of sessions during the workshop of 5 consecutive business days (the project lead may need to spend more than 50% of their time).

Social Excellence works best in teams with at least four full time employees tackling an internal process.