What is pro bono?

Pro bono, coming from the Latin „pro bono publico“ means „for the public good“. The term is used for skill based volunteering throughout the world.

Engage pro bono!

Unlike many companies in the private sector, social organizations often do not have the resources to have access to professional service providers. Where elsewhere external professionals are hired on the spot to bring a project to life, a lot of improvisation is needed in the social sector in similar situations.

We need your expertise

You can make a difference with your pro bono engagement and apply your expertise expediently. And you get something in return: The opportunity to contribute your own knowledge in a new sector and learn something new. Your engagement is complimentary.

To get your skills to the organization that needs it most, Proboneo will accompany you as an intermediary to find the appropriate social organization and will provide support thorughout the process. Your possibilities of engagement with us extend from simple advice on the phone to a one day creative session right up to longer term projects. We help you to find the projects that best fit your time and skills.